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Dental Mouthguards Frederick, MD

Dental Mouthguards with Colliver Dental in Frederick, MDTeeth grinding can cause a lot of oral health issues. Some people habitually grind their teeth the way others bite their nails. Most people who grind their teeth may not even realize that they grind them at all. That is because most people who grind their teeth do so at night, while they are sleeping. When night time grinding (bruxism) becomes an issue we can treat it with the application of a mouth guard.


A lot of issues can follow on the heels of teeth grinding. One of the biggest issues is that by grinding teeth together you can wear away the enamel on your teeth. Your enamel acts as a shield for your teeth. It’s the only solid line of defense your teeth have against things that you have to chew and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and without it, your teeth become a target.

Worn enamel isn’t the only worry when it comes to the effects of bruxism on the mouth – bruxism can also cause your teeth to crack and chip. When teeth are exposed to the kind of pressure your jaw can create while grinding, your teeth can fail in extreme ways. Some cracks can even lead down into the root of the tooth which could result in your needing a root canal or even a dental implant.

Bruxism can also cause your gums to recede, which can lead to other oral health issues down the road. Your dental appliances and fillings are even at risk when it comes to tooth grinding. Many people can lose a filling in the middle of the night and not even realize it until their next dental visit. This leaves the core of their tooth exposed to the elements, and that’s something we never want to see.

Mouth Guards – The Solution to Bruxism

to protect your teeth from all the negative side effects of bruxism we will often fit our patients with a mouth guard. We take time to mold the guard to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly. By applying a mouth guard at night your teeth are cushioned from the incredible forces that your jaw is able to apply. This can end up saving your teeth from all of the issues described above.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Many people ask us how they would know if they grind their teeth at night. There are many telltale signs that you may be grinding your teeth at night. One of the most obvious signs is a sore jaw or persistent headache. Many of those who grind their teeth do so with such force that their jaw muscles are made tender throughout the rest of their day.

If you wake up frequently or for no apparent reason, sometimes that is a sign that you may be grinding your teeth. Further, if you are always tired despite getting enough sleep, you may be grinding as well. The only sure fire way to know if you grind your teeth at night is to call our office today at (301) 662-5914 and schedule an appointment for a no obligation consultation. We can take a look at your molars and tell you if they show the signs of grinding.
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