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Tooth Extraction Frederick, MD

Sometimes, when there is no hope of saving a tooth or if a tooth such as a wisdom tooth is going to present a problem we will extract it. When a tooth is damaged by trauma or decay it may not ever be able to be viable again, even with a crown. We will extract teeth only when there is no other option, or if the patient so desires.

We are capable of performing extractions in our Frederick office, but if a procedure looks like it will be very complicated we may refer the patient to one of our trusted local oral surgeons.

Why are teeth extracted?

There are a number of reasons teeth might end up needing to be extracted. The late stages of tooth decay, when the root has started to decay will usually require extraction. Other situations that may require extraction include:

•  Fracturing that cannot be repaired
•  Advanced stages of periodontal disease where bone loss has occurred
•  Poorly positioned teeth that must be replaced by a crown or bridge
•  Impacted teeth such as molars
•  Baby teeth that refuse to come out naturally
•  Extra teeth that block permanent teeth from coming in

How it is Done

As mentioned before, we are able to perform extractions here in our Frederick office. Extractions are typically classified are non-surgical, or “simple”, procedures. A standard extraction will involve cutting the tooth and gums but to a minimal extent compared to surgical procedures. When performing this procedure, we always heavily numb the site or sedate the patient to ensure comfort is not an issue.

We use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth and a simple pair of forceps to remove the tooth.

Following the Procedure

It is normal to expect some discomfort following having a tooth extraction. Sometimes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are prescribed to our patients following an extraction. Whenever taking NSAIDS it I important to regulate the frequency and dosage of the drug to ensure patient health and safety – they can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Ice packs can do wonders to help with swelling but if left on a site for too long can burn the skin so make sure to wrap any ice packs in a cloth before application. Make sure to have plenty of soft food as chewing hard or crunchy meals can open the healing site and cause pain.

The most important thing to remember is you must not smoke or use a straw after the procedure. Doing so can pull the blood clot out of the wound and lead to a condition known as dry socket. Dry socket is easily treatable but can be painful and unpleasant. We will make sure you are given all relevant information needed to prevent dry socket and other complications before you leave our office.

We are committed to helping you avoid circumstances that lead to you needing procedures like tooth extraction. Colliver Dental Group will do our very best to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge needed to prevent them. Please give us a call today at (301) 662-5914 to schedule your appointment for a bi-annual cleaning and exam!

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